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“Great businesses require great service to be successful. Allsysgo has provided us great service, they have proven to be a great company by eliminating our system concerns. The bottom line is, we make money selling our products and services, not dealing with system maintenance and issues. Allsysgo has maintained our system flawlessly.”

  > Frank R.
     President, Local Door Distributor

“For the past decade, Allsysgo has been there for our company. In Advertising, everything is deadline driven and it doesn’t matter what time or day it is, if we have an emergency, they’re there for us. It’s a pleasure working with Rich and the rest of the crew and our relationship has grown to feel like they are part of our own company.”

  > Chad F.
     Creative Director, Local Advertising Agency

What is the program?
This is a Service Plan for smaller companies that require some sense of security for their data and PC’s. It allows them to have a professional company that deals with their type of software and computer keep their data safe and their PCs healthy.

What is in the program?
You get 3 Hours of service per quarter. You are offered 3 different Quarterly Cycles depending on availability:
      Cycle 1: January, April, July and October.
      Cycle 2: February, May, August and November.
      Cycle 3: March, June, September and December.
And 10GB of Remote Backup. Additional services and quantities are available.

When does a Cycle start?
A Cycle starts the first of the month. On-site hours become active during the third month.

Can I start my on-site hours sooner?
Yes, but a $100 per month charge will apply. To start one month sooner would involve a $100 charge; to start 2 months sooner would incur a $200 charge. There is no increase of quantities in the other services. This is allowed once per 12 months per company.

Can I move between Cycles?
No, once a cycle has been setup, it must be canceled and then a new cycle purchased.

What if I need on-site service sooner?
All Services are available for purchase on an ala carte basis.

How can you charge so little for on-site service?
This is a Quarterly package that is prescheduled. The 3 hours are prescheduled for a specific day of a specific week of the month and is either in the a.m. (9:00am-Noon) or p.m. (1:00pm-4:00pm). ( i. e. the 3rd Thursday in the morning of the 2nd Quarterly Cycle.)

How long does each Phone Support incident last?
Each Phone Support incident normally lasts 10-15 minutes. An incident can last up to 30 minutes, but most don’t. After 30 minutes, another incident is opened up for as long as the issues take to resolve or the customer decides not to proceed.

Can I call about different issues on one Phone Support incident?
No, when you call with a phone support incident; you will be asked to specify the problem and tell us what you would like resolved. The scope of the call must be within what can be handled over the phone. Once the issue is resolved, any more issues would require a new incident ticket be opened.

Can all issues be handled over the phone?
No, only issues that can be reasonably resolved within 15 minutes can be handled. Other more serious issues would need to be handled either on-site or be carried in.

Can I call about non-technical issues? What if I want help choosing an Internet Service Provider or computer for my child?
They are your incidents. Use them as you see fit. We absolutely can help you with almost any IT question.

What happens if my computer firewall software prevents use on one of the services?
You will be given that information up front. You will then be given choices of correcting the issue or canceling the service at no charge within the first 30 days.

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